Wednesday, 16 February 2011

The Fickle nature of the English Press.

The English press certainly love to do their work in extremes, don't they!

Relentless they were in publishing every minute detail when Wayne Rooney and England endured a miserable World Cup campaign.

Fastforward a few weeks and the press printed as much as they possibly could (and some...) about Mr. Rooney's much publicized affair and they were duly on hand last weekend to cream in their collective pants for days on end when the England target man 'returned to form' with a stunning overhead volley to sink Manchester City in the Manchster derby.

When they [the press] want to paint a picture of a hero, they paint a god and when they want to paint a villian, they paint the devil.

Okay it was a great goal. I get it. But please, can the press move on to something else. And sharpish!

Indeed people will be talking about that goal for years to come. But I hope we are not to take that literally. The English press have already shown an ability to babble on about the goal, filling inches of columns aplenty and disecting the goal from every possible angle. I'm just waiting for the interview with the piece of turf that flew off Rooney's boot as he took flight...

I am a United fan and I'm already a little bored of the echoes about how it is the greatest goal to have been scored at anytime or anywhere... okay, only a little, but let's move on.

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